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Metropolitan Realty Group is dedicated to serving potential residents by providing information about the properties we manage. If your question has not been answered, please click here to e-mail us or contact us at (212) 835-9040.
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  • What is the criteria used for tenant selection?

    All applications will be evaluated for income eligibility and will undergo a series of background checks, i.e., credit check, housing suit check and criminal check which includes sex offender search (for pre-qualification purposes). All household members 18 years of age and older are subject to a background check. All new members to the household are subject to a background check (credit, housing suit and criminal check).

    Note: Any member of the family who has a pending trial which could result in a misdemeanor, felony, or a drug related conviction (either misdemeanor or a felony) will be held on our waiting list until the outcome of the trial. If convicted, the family will be removed from the waiting list.

    Credit History – Any applicant will be denied admission if:
    The applicant has three or more accounts over 90 days delinquent and has not made an attempt to make restitution or form a payment plan, unless it is caused by medical expenses.
    The applicant has a bankruptcy that has not been discharged, unless it is due to medical expenses.

    Note: If an Applicant has no credit references, a minimum of three references from doctors, physicians or other like people will be needed to help determine if the applicant fits the tenant selection criteria, i.e., paying their outstanding debts in a timely fashion as agreed with the doctors, physicians or other like people.

    Landlord References – References will be sought, preferably from two or more prior landlords for the last 5 years, concerning the applicant’s rental history based on the following criteria:
    The applicant must demonstrate the ability to pay rent and make such payments timely.
    The applicant must not owe a balance to a present or previous landlord due to unpaid rent and/or damages to the unit that was caused by any applicant member or guests of the applicant.
    The applicant must demonstrate the ability to care for the unit in a clean, safe and sanitary manner as stated in the lease.
    The applicant must not have a record of disturbances of neighbors, destruction of property, or living or housekeeping habits at prior residences which may adversely affect health, safety or welfare of other residents, or cause damage to the unit or development.
    The applicant must not have a record of eviction from housing or termination from residential programs.

    Note: If an applicant has no prior landlord references, a home visit may be required in order to determine whether the applicant meets the selection criteria, i.e., maintains their household in a clean and safe manner.

    Other Factors Determining Suitability
    The applicant must have the ability and willingness to comply with the terms of the Property’s lease.
    The applicant must not misrepresent any information related to eligibility, award of preference for admission, allowances, or rent. However, if a discrepancy occurs, the applicant will be given 30 days to supplement and correct any information to rectify the problem.
    The applicant must not refuse to sign required paperwork prior to taking occupancy.
  • How do I get my name on the waiting list?

    When a waiting list is open, we will advertise in a local newspaper. Details on how to obtain an application will be listed in the ad. We will also display flyers of any open waiting lists in all properties that we manage.

    Applicants submitting incomplete applications will not be considered for occupancy. Upon receipt of the initial application, the date and time the application was received by the management office will be recorded, and the Occupancy Department will keep a waiting list consisting of all remaining applicants.

  • How long do I have to wait to get an apartment?

    Current and future applicants who have completed an application are placed on the property’s waiting list in the order the applications are received in the rental office. Placement on a property’s waiting list is not a guarantee that an applicant will be granted admission to the property.

    Metropolitan Realty Group will update the waiting list semi-annually to ensure that applicant information is current. Applicants should contact the management office every six months to confirm their continued need to remain on the waiting list and to advise management of any changes in personal, financial or household composition.

    Any applicant whose application is rejected for admission to the property will receive written notice of the rejection. The written notice will detail the specific reason(s) why the applicant’s application for admission was declined, and shall outline the procedure for appealing the application rejection decision (all applicants have 14 days to appeal a rejection decision).

    When the average wait for a particular unit is 1 year or more, the waiting list will be closed and no additional applications will be taken. Metropolitan Realty Group will use the means outlined in the Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan to notify any potential applicants that the waiting list is closed and the reason. When Metropolitan Realty Group opens the waiting list for applications the same means will be used to notify potential applicants.

  • What are the requirements for re-certification?

    All tenants who are not paying market rent are required to recertify at least once per year on the anniversary of their move in date. Tenants must supply all information requested for use in a regularly scheduled re-certification of family income and composition in accordance with HUD requirements. Tenants should contact the management office at least 120 days prior to the anniversary of their move in date to provide updated information needed for their annual re-certification for verification.

    Interim Re-certification: All tenants must notify the rental office when:

    • A family member moves out of the unit
    • The family proposes to move a new member into the unit
    • An adult member of the family who was reported as unemployed on the most recent certification obtains employment
    • The family’s income cumulatively increases by $200 or more per month
    • Any change in income, assets or household composition

    Note: Any family member turning 18 years old in between annual re-certifications must visit the management office to sign the HUD 9887/9887A.

    Note: Tenants may request an interim re-certification due to any changes occurring since the last re-certification that may affect the tenant’s rent and assistance payment for the tenant. Changes a tenant may report include the following:

    • Decreases in income including, but not limited to, loss of employment, reduction in number of hours worked by an employed family member, and loss or reduction of welfare income
    • Increases in allowances including, but not limited to, increased medical expenses, and higher child care costs; and
    • Other changes affecting the calculation of a family’s annual or adjusted income including, but not limited to, a family member turning 62 years old, becoming a full-time student, or becoming a person with a disability.
  • How do I determine if I qualify for rental assistance?

    Applicants seeking rental assistance must meet the following eligibility factors:

    • The applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
    • The applicant’s total annual income must not exceed 50% of the median income for the geographic area of New York City. (24 CFR 5.609, and 5.653)
    • The applicant must disclose and provide proof of the Social Security Numbers (SSNs) for all members at least six years of age and older and Employer Identification Numbers ( 24 CFR 5.216). If a member can not locate their social security card, the applicant should request a copy from the Social Security Administration. When an applicant has a SSN but does not have the required documentation, the applicant may submit a request for a copy from the Social Security Administration (SSA) and must submit and certify the SSN is accurate but that acceptable documentation could not be provided at this time.
    • All adults (age 18 and older) in each applicant family must sign an Authorization for Release of Information prior to receiving assistance and annually thereafter ( 24 CFR 5.230, 5.232).

    The penalty for failing to sign consent forms: The family will be considered ineligible if any of the adult members refuse to sign applicable consent and verification forms.

    The unit for which the family is applying must be the family’s only residence. The family must agree to pay the rent required by the program under which the family will receive assistance.

    Only U.S. citizens, nationals, and non-citizens who have eligible immigration status as determined by HUD may benefit from federal rental assistance with Metropolitan Realty Group, LLC (24 CFR part 5, subpart Verification of immigration status will be completed via SAVE Verification Program to determine non-citizen eligibility).

  • What is your pet policy?

    No pets are allowed. Service animals are not considered pets. When the animal performs the disability-related assistance or provides the disability-related benefit needed by the person with the disability, the assistive animal is allowed. Third-party verification from a medical professional is required. Proof of licensing and up-to-date shot and health records must be provided and maintained at the management office. Third-party verification of said records may be requested.
  • Where do I send my rent payment?

    Tenants rent payments are due by the first day of each month. Management provides each tenant with a monthly billing statement/invoice which includes the due date and rent amount. Payments should be mailed to Metropolitan Realty Group, 60 Cuttermill Road, Suite 200, Great Neck, NY 11021.
  • What do I have to do in order to transfer to a larger unit?

    Unit Transfer Policy:

    After move-in, if a unit becomes overcrowded or underutilized because of changes in family composition, the family can request a transfer and will be placed on the in-house transfer list. Subject to a tenant having a zero rental balance, once the appropriate size unit becomes available, the family that is next on the transfer list will be required to transfer into that unit.

    When it has been determined that a tenant’s current dwelling unit is smaller or larger than appropriate as a result of a change in family size or composition, the tenant will be required to transfer to the next available appropriate unit within 30 days after notification of the required unit is available within the project or remain in the same unit and pay the HUD approved market rent.

    Exceptions to this policy are as follows:

    If the tenant is occupying a unit that is larger than needed and there is no demand for that larger unit, the tenant will not be required to move from the larger unit until there is a demand for that size of unit.

    • Transfers to different units as a reasonable accommodation due to a household member’s disability, will be given priority.
    • When a medical professional verifies in writing that a tenant needs a particular unit size, that tenant may transfer to the next available unit.
    • For the matter of safety of a resident who has certified they are victim of domestic violence, a transfer request will be considered. Additional certification beyond the self certification may be requested.
    • Existing tenants must submit a written request, including the reason(s) for the request for a unit transfer to the management office. The management will review the request and determine if the request is a valid reason for a unit transfer.
  • When will my apartment be painted?

    Our maintenance staff will come by to inspect your apartment so that we can determine whether painting is necessary. Contact us or use our work order request form to schedule an inspection.
  • Can tenants do their own repairs or paint their own apartments?

    No alteration, addition, or improvements shall be made in or to the premises without the prior consent of the Landlord in writing.
  • Can Tenants meet with Management?

    Management always likes to hear from you. If you wish to meet with us please contact us at 212-835-9040 in order to schedule an appointment.
  • When are apartment inspections?

    Move-In Inspections:

    Prior to taking occupancy someone from MRG and the tenant will inspect the unit to be occupied. During the inspection:

    • The condition of the unit will be documented. An explanation will be given to the tenant regarding the tenant’s responsibility for damages caused to the unit by family members and guests.
    • An explanation of the house rules will be given.
    • The tenants will be instructed how to operate the appliances and equipment in the unit.

    Move-Out Inspections:
    When a unit is being vacated by the tenant, a move-out inspection will be done to ensure there are no damages to the unit. Any and all damages will be listed on the move-out inspection form and will be compared to the move-in form to determine if the damage is reasonable wear and tear or excessive damage caused by the tenant’s abuse or negligence. The tenant will be given prior notice of the move-out inspection and be allowed to accompany the inspector if the tenant chooses. Security Deposit refunds will be made within 30 days of the move-out date. Any damage charges will be deducted from the refund check and the tenant will receive a written accounting containing the reason(s) for the deduction(s).

    Annual Unit Inspections:

    Metropolitan Realty Group will perform unit inspections at least once per year to determine:

    Whether the appliances and equipment in the unit are functioning properly and to assess whether repairs or replacement needs to be done.

    If any damage to the unit has been caused by the tenant’s abuse or negligence, the necessary repairs are made, the tenant will be billed for the cost of the repairs.

  • I stayed home and no one showed up to perform scheduled maintenance on my apartment, why?

    If no one showed up we certainly want to hear from you. Please contact at (212) 835-9040 or email us and indicate what work was to be performed and what time your appointment was.
  • Why do I have to remove my satellite dish?

    Satellite dishes cannot be installed on any part of the buildings.
  • What if I have a question or complaint?

    The relationship with our tenants is important to us at MRG. Resident suggestions, concerns and complaints are handled in a serious and timely manner. In accordance with HUD’s resident screening criteria, MRG utilizes fair and consistent procedures for resident screening and selection. Accommodations and services for persons with disabilities are provided where possible.