Heating Season Helpful Hints

December 21, 2021
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Management strives to create a community atmosphere that fosters a sense of pride and wellbeing for our residents. Our goal is to provide a safe and happy environment for all to enjoy. During the cold-weather season, it is important to properly prepare your home to maintain a comfortable temperature. Here are some tips to keep the heat from escaping:

  • Air Conditioners: All air conditioners must be removed and stored in your apartment during the winter season. Not only will this ensure your appliance is not damaged due to exposure to freezing temperatures but will reduce your exposure to one of the primary sources of heat loss in your apartment home, cold air infiltration.

  • Windows: Make sure your windows are securely closed and locked. Your window may look closed, but if you are unable to lock it, then you may have an air gap that is allowing cold air to infiltrate your apartment. Your apartment home is subjected to 5-7 degree temperature loss when your window is not securely closed.

  • Furniture: Review your furniture placement. Your baseboards or radiators need approximately 8 inches of air space to allow heat to rise and distribute appropriately in your apartment. When furniture and/or personal items are placed directly adjacent to your baseboards or radiators, you are restricting the heat air flows into your living space. In addition, by placing your seating furniture such as sofas and chairs and your beds against an interior wall versus an exterior wall, you also reduce your exposure to the colder temperatures naturally absorbed by the building exterior and/or window glass.

  • Window Treatments/Coverings: Window glass is exposed to and absorbs the outside temperatures, heat in the summer, and cold in the winter. By covering your windows with a curtain, drape, or blind you reduce your home’s exposure to the cold temperatures absorbed by the window glass. Insulated curtains/drapes are an inexpensive way to keep your warm air inside your apartment home and the cold air out!

  • Clothing: We all have personal preferences when it comes to temperature, some of us like it cooler and some of us need it warmer. Therefore, we have established a temperature in the buildings that we feel is fair and appropriate to meet everyone’s preferences. However, if you need it a bit warmer than others, we must ask that you dress appropriately to the weather; this will allow you to be comfortable.

It is also important to remember, do not use your stove or a portable heater as an additional heat source!

This is not only incredibly dangerous to your home and your neighbors but is considered a violation of your Lease Agreement by creating a serious potential safety hazard to you and your neighbors.

In addition, please note the following other important reminders

  • The public halls and stairwells are the direct means of ingress to and egress from the apartments in the event of a fire or other emergency. As such, these areas must be kept free and clear, at all times, of any obstacles and/or obstructions

  • Please make a schedule to inspect all smoke (and CO) detectors twice yearly for proper functionality. Any detectors found to be in disrepair should be immediately replaced.