MRG Sponsors Nassau County Police Department Gala

November 8, 2021
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Our core values at MRG include being committed to our communities and helping those who also share our goal of elevating our neighborhoods. We regularly partner with organizations like A-List Education, ABBA, and the International Sports and Music Project to aid in the growth that we strive for. On Long Island, we are extremely grateful for the Nassau County Police Department and we are a proud sponsor of the NCPD Foundation Inaugural Gala.

The NCPD’s actions go beyond just protecting the community. NCPD officers also take part in volunteering their time to build relationships with the area’s youth. The Nassau County Law Enforcement Exploring Program teaches important life skills, character education, leadership experience, and community service to socioeconomically diverse youth from Nassau County, many of whom have an interest in pursuing a career in law enforcement. For more information on the Nassau County Law Enforcement Exploring Program, click here.

Fundraising for the state-of-the-art police academy began in 2008, with groundbreaking in 2019. The 98,000-square-foot NCPD Center for Training and Intelligence will be used for academic and physical training of officers and other public safety professionals.

NCPD Center for Training and Intelligence
To celebrate its grand opening, the NCPD hosted the Foundation Inaugural Gala at the new center. Funds raised at the gala event will be used for facility operations, a training village, and additional funding for the Exploring Program.

MRG is proud to have been the sponsor for this event. We are grateful that the NCPD helps keep Nassau County the safest community in the US, including our Pinetown Houses and Park Lake properties.

Laura Curran - Nassau County Executive, Scott & Amy Jaffee - MRG, Patrick J. Ryder - Nassau County Police Commissioner

MRG is excited to see all that comes from the new NCPD development and is pleased to have the privilege to take part in celebrating a major addition to the county. Thank you to the Nassau County Police Department for all that you do for the community!

See the link below to learn more about the NCPD Center for Training and Intelligence and about the gala event.