Philanthropy Spotlight: A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships

April 28, 2022
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The reality of our world is that we all start at different points in life, with different advantages and disadvantages. MRG’s primary mission is to lessen the impact that reality has on quality of life.

That’s why our proudest achievements are things that do not show up on the balance sheet. MRG invests a significant amount of time pursuing life-enriching programs and uplifting our local community.

Our founder Scott Jaffee has worked tirelessly to establish college-readiness, financial literacy, and application assistance programs for families that live in MRG buildings and their surrounding areas. Since 2013, his efforts have helped over 500 students, passing on the same value set and push for self-advocacy that he was fortunate to inherit himself. It’s a big part of why we love what we do at MRG.

With decades of experience in affordable housing, we believe strongly that revitalizing the neighborhood is just as important as improving the quality of life for tenants. This orients the purpose of the programs we participate in, which aim to generate hope and positivity for everyone we encounter.

This initiative to improve the quality of life of others is a core tenant for both MRG as an organization and for Scott personally. Most recently, he has partnered with the initial cohort of the Dr. Richard Barnett Foundation to help students navigate the path to college. A two-time NBA champion with the NY Knicks and basketball hall of fame inductee, Barnett founded his organization to empower the dreams of historically underrepresented students, enabling them to further pursue their passion. This is a natural expansion of his individual work, having led Tennessee State to 3 consecutive national collegiate titles, to helping students before they arrive on the field.


Yet MRG’s community outreach is not limited to our surrounding area. Over the last few years, the pandemic has taken a toll on Uganda and Rwanda, two countries that have faced significant challenges over the last decade. The food supply of the citizens has become so limited, that assistance from global support networks has never been more needed. The International Sports and Music Project, of which we are a supporter, has delivered thousands of meals to children and families at a time when no one in this part of the world could afford simple resources like food. This has been a critical effort, as the only food support the communities are receiving.


“I am beyond grateful to become part of this big impact they are making,” Scott says. ISMP continues increasing access to sports and music programming in shelters, refugee camps, orphanages, and vulnerable communities around the world as a means of bolstering positive mental health.

Many of the countries ISMP works with lack abundant opportunities for self-expression and enjoyment, which is why sports and music are such motivating forces to bring into their environment. The organization operates across four continents, with a dozen programs throughout six different cities.

Enriching lives is the end goal of affordable housing programs, and we hope to continue expanding our efforts in this area to uplift the lives of everyone we possibly can. We are proud to practice what we preach here at MRG, and are always looking for new ways to contribute to the best of our ability.