How MRG Supports Women and Victims of Domestic Violence

March 15, 2022
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Metropolitan Realty Group strives to be empathetic towards the broad spectrum of challenges faced by individuals we interact with during daily operations. Issues concerning gender, race, age, ethnic background, and many others need to be treated with the utmost seriousness and care. Women’s History month brings a particular experience we handle to light.

It’s an unfortunate reality in the world that not all homes are happy homes. Being involved in the daily lives of our residents, we often come into contact with women suffering in abusive or harassive scenarios. When these situations carry over to our properties, we utilize several methods to assist our female residents.

First and foremost, we assist them in getting the greatest protection possible. Whether they are being abused or harassed by a spouse, significant other, family member, acquaintance, or stranger, we keep this process in place and facilitate aid however we can. We have several social workers on staff at various properties, and we get them in direct contact with the residents whenever possible.

We support and aid our residents in filing a police report, seeking the arrest of the individual (if appropriate), and obtaining a protective order when necessary. We will then coordinate with our security team at the property, distributing copies of the order of protection and a photo of the offending individual, so that the person can no longer gain entry onto the property. Should an incident occur, this arms them to be aware and seek police assistance.

Next, we offer several protections to female tenants who inform us of any situation involving abuse or harassment. Pursuant to the Violence Against Women Act, we heavily enforce this act on all of our HUD subsidized properties. If the abuser is part of the household, we can have them removed and evicted (while allowing the other parties to remain in the apartment). Depending on the circumstances, we can also make an emergency transfer of the female tenant and other family members to one of our apartments at a different property.

Outside of direct policy over our properties, we actively support various initiatives to keep our communities thriving and safe. MRG is also a proud sponsor of the Nassau County Police Department, and regularly partners with organizations such as A-List Education, ABBA, and The International Sports and Music Project.

Abuse and harassment are difficult issues for everyone involved. We take great pride in helping female residents overcome the problems that these situations arise, for their and their family’s home life. It is a responsibility MRG happily recognizes in our mission to build safe and secure places where people enjoy living