Behind the Scenes: MRG Employee Culture

July 28, 2022
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Here at MRG we are proud of the communities we impact, both with those who live in our properties and our internal employee culture. Metropolitan Realty Group is in the business of building and strengthening communities, so we take great care in cultivating a talented and diverse staff of professionals within our internal team.

We believe our team’s ability to work with each other and find new ways to make the lives of our tenants better is essential to the success of our organization. We’re proud to acknowledge their contributions and are always looking for ways we can grow.

We’d like to shed some light on the team behind the scenes with some feedback from team members. These employees play a key role in creating a quality experience at MRG properties. We can’t thank them enough for their tireless work and dedication to such an important cause.

How long have you been with Metropolitan Realty Group? Why do you love your job and doing what you do?

“42 years. Doing a job where you help others (Tenants and Co-workers) is very rewarding.”

David Cruz, Field Supervisor

“Almost 3 years. I love my job and what I do because we upgrade tenant's living situations with new high-end finishes and I love seeing how happy tenants are after seeing the end results.”

Stephen Gordon, Building Operations Administrator

“I've been with MRG since Dec 2006 (15 Years). I love my job because I'm constantly learning new tasks. I have grown so much from when I started as the receptionist.”

Mahogany Hammett, Executive Assistant to Director of Operations

What is your favorite thing about our company culture?

“I love how easy-going the office environment is, everyone is kind and respectable, which makes it a healthy place to work and get the job done.”

Melissa Walter, Executive Assistant to the CFO

“We are very family oriented. Some of us have been working with the company and our peers for many years.”

Lisa Semorile, Accounts Payable

How is your job unique? How do you solve tenants’ concerns and issues?

“My job is unique in that I get to know tenants quite well after working in and upgrading their units. They come to me with other issues outside of our scope for upgrades, and I make sure they are addressed so all tenants are satisfied.”

Stephen Gordon, Building Operations Administrator

“My job is unique because I help solve tenant’s’ concerns and issues by making myself available to listen and communicate with the tenant and try my best to resolve the problem so the tenant is satisfied.”

Ronald Levy, Field Supervisor

Which type of individuals will succeed here? What does it take to be an MRG employee?

“Individuals who are passionate about making sure our tenants are happy and will succeed here. Being an MRG employee requires patience, diligence, and communication.”

Stephen Gordon, Building Operations Administrator

“It is very easy to succeed at MRG as long as you are willing to put your best foot forward, be a team player, be open to learning new things and have a pleasant demeanor.”

Melissa Walter, Executive Assistant to the CFO

Why are the services MRG provides important at a time like now?

“Low income housing is what MRG provides, which is important as there are many individuals that need assistance with the cost of housing –especially after COVID-19.”

Melissa Walter, Executive Assistant to the CFO

“The services are so important in making sure the tenants get the help they need. When we fully renovate the apartments, the tenants have so much more love for where they live.”

Mahogany Hammett, Executive Assistant to Director of Operations

“Affordable Housing is increasing year after year! Our ownership & Management are the keys.”

– Anthony Cinque, Controller


These answers come from one of our internal surveys, answered by Metropolitan Realty Group staff at several locations. We’re proud to have such a diverse group of motivated individuals working to uplift our community and enrich the lives of our tenants. Cultivating our internal team culture is an important part of how we help communities thrive.