20 Years of Metropolitan Realty Group

August 12, 2021
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As we close out the month of August, we look back on all the past 20 years of Metropolitan Realty Group and how far we have come. We could not be happier to share with you that August 1, 2021 marked the 20th anniversary of our founding!

We started with 500 units in our portfolio. From the day of MRG’s creation, our commitment to our tenants and our community never stopped; through countless renovations and partnerships, our tenants have always come first. The past 20 years have created the foundation that continues to propel us forward into the future of affordable housing. Today we have over 4000 units in our ever-growing portfolio.

Scott Jaffee is the founder and managing member of Metropolitan Realty Group. Since 2001, Scott’s philosophy and his commitment to the community permeate every aspect of MRG’s operations. His philanthropic efforts meaningfully improve the lives of MRG tenants, through educational programs, athletic and extracurricular opportunities, and other community events. Our team thanks Scott for everything he has done to make MRG a success.

Not only has the number of properties and units increased in MRG’s portfolio over the years, but the team at Metropolitan Realty Group has grown as well. Every employee who has been a part of the team has left an impact that has helped propel MRG to be the affordable housing leader we are today. We are grateful for all of those who have contributed to MRG’s success over the past 20 years! We thank you!

Scott’s right hand man, Phil Gambino, Chief Financial Officer, has been with the company for over 16 years. Phil started in April of 2005. Phil’s background in affordable housing, coupled with his expertise in HUD and all things reporting, made an immediate impact on the team. Bob Perine, Director of Operations, worked very closely with Scott to grow the company. Bob’s background in construction and projects was vital to MRG’s growth. Since 2010, Lydia Vazquez, Director of Administration, helps Scott stay organized and keep all things running smoothly in the organization. Lydia’s dedication to MRG is unmatched! All MRG team members are an asset to the company which helps Scott to build a great organization for the last 20 years!

The past 20 years have brought lessons, growth, and success that we could have only imagined in 2001. Today, we are proud to consider ourselves a leader in the NYC affordable housing market. Why? Because our tenants are our community. We believe in uplifting our community and standing by our community, especially when they need us most. We are transforming affordable housing by making our communities great places to live. These values were cemented in our foundation 20 years ago and we will continue to build upon that legacy in the years to come.

Our commitment to community runs deep, and our efforts help to make meaningful changes in the lives we touch. A-List has provided SAT and college prep instruction to younger MRG residents and nearby K-12 schools, yielding significant progress in SAT scores. In certain properties, we were able to resume community events for our senior residents who have been disproportionately affected by the COVID crisis. By helping these residents get vaccinated, coordinating physical and social activities, and maintaining COVID safety restrictions throughout, we keep our residents healthy, engaged, and happy.

We’re looking forward to the next 20 years and more to come! With exciting new projects on the horizon, we are eager to continue providing a positive impact by transforming communities and providing quality housing to those in the NYC area and beyond. Congrats for 20 years!